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Due to its high adsorptive nature, activated carbon has a wide range of applications,

these include:

Drinking Water Purification

Purification of portable drinking water in in-home water filters and industrial filters. Activated Carbon is an essential component.


Air Treatment

Removal of potentially harmful components from the atmosphere.


Effluent Water Treatment

Removal of contaminants from industrial and muncipal waste water. Also, the treatment of contaminated ground water.

Ground Water

Biogas Treatment

Removal of H2S, siloxanes and other VOCs from biogas and biomethane streams.

Food and Beverage

Decolourisation and purification of various food products, decaffienation of coffee and tea, debittering, food coloring etc.

Food and Beverage


Activated carbon cloth is used in wound dressings, odour control masks and filters.

Personal and Collective Protection

Protection against toxic gases both in warfare and industrial areas.

Other Applications

Further applications of activated carbon include protection of archives and ancient artifacts by adsorpsion of harmful airborne contaminants and pollutants, maintanance of aquariams, ponds and swimming pools, and filteration of smoke in cigarettes.