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Medical and Pharmaceutical

Activated Carbon for Medical and Pharmaceutical Applications

Activated carbon is used highly effective adsorbent that has various applications in the medical field. Medical applications require a high level of purity and quality which Kajah Activated Carbon can provide. We can supply specialized activated carbon to meet the most stringent quality requirements.

Specialized Applications

Activated carbon is used in a variety of applications in the medical field. These include:

  • Refining of high-grade medicines (including API) which requires the
    removal of color taints.
  • Control of escaping anesthetics in operation theaters, so that they are not inhaled by the medical team.
  • It is used as antitoxin to treat over-consumption of stimulants or poisons.
  • It helps with digestion
  • It is used in ostomy care as a de-colorizing agent.
  • Activated carbon cloth is used in wound dressings, odour control masks and filters.

Activated Charcoal

Activated carbon is a crude form of graphite which has a highly porous structure with pores of various sizes. It has a large number of cracks …